Skills and strengths used in case studies

Skills used in case studies:

Administering, Advising, Analysing, Arbitrating, Arranging, Assessing, Auditing, Budgeting, Calculating, Charting, Checking, Classifying, Coaching, Communicating, Compiling, completing, Computing, Conducting, Consolidating, Constructing, Consulting, Controlling, Co-ordinating, Cultivating, Decision making, Defining, Delegating, Delivering, Designing, Detailing, Detecting, Determining, Developing, Devising, diagnosing, Directing, Discovering, Dispensing, Disapproving, Displaying, Drawing, Driving, Editing, Establishing, Estimating, Evaluating, Examining, Experimenting, Explaining, Expressing, Filing, Forecasting, Guiding, Identifying, Illustrating, Implementing, Improving, Improvising, Informing, Initiating, Innovating, Integrating, Interpreting, Installing, Inspecting, Interviewing, Investigating, Keyboard skills, Leading, Learning, Listening, Logging, Managing, Managing money, Manipulating, Marketing, Measuring, Mediating, Meeting skills, Modelling, Monitoring, Motivating, Negotiating, Operating, Ordering, Organising, Persuading, Piloting, Planning, Predicting, Preparing, Presenting, Prioritising, Problem solving, Processing, Programming, Producing, Projecting, Promoting, Proving, Purchasing, Questioning, Recommending, Recruiting, Repairing, Reporting, Representing, Researching, Resolving, Retrieving, Reviewing, Scheduling, Screening, Selecting, Selling, Setting up, Solving, Sorting, Summarising, Supervising, Supporting, Systemising, Team building, Telephoning, Testing, Training, Trouble shooting, Typing, Visualising, Writing.

Strengths used in case studies:

Accountable, Accepting, Accurate, Achieving, Adaptable, Ambitious,  Analytical,  Approachable, Assertive, Calm, Capable, Caring, Challenging, Cheerful, Committed, Competitive,  Concise, Confident, Conscientious, Considerate, Consistent, Constructive, Consultative, Creative, Customer focused, Decisive, Dedicated, Dependable, Determined,  Efficient, Empathetic, Empowering, Energetic, Enterprising, Enthusiastic, Even tempered, Expressive, Extrovert, Fair, Flexible, Forceful, Formulating, Friendly, Genuine, Gregarious, Sense of humour, Helpful, Honest, Imaginative, Improvising, Independent, Influential, Innovative, Knowledgeable, Logical, Loyal, Mediator, Modest, Motivator, Objective, Observant, Optimistic, Organised, Originator, Patient, Perceptive, Perfectionist, Persistent, Perspective, Persuasive, Pioneering, Positive, Practical, Pragmatic, Precise, Professional, Protective, Quick thinking, Relating, Realistic, Reasoning, Reconciling, Reliable, Resolving, Resourceful, Responsible, Responsive, Scientific, Self-aware, Self-reliant, Sensible, Sensitive, Sharing, Sincere, Supportive, Systematic, Tactful, Thoughtful, Tidy, Tolerant, Understanding, Uniting, Unselfish, Versatile, Visionary.