Development appraisal

Company or Client – Team Homes
Trading activity – Property development


Carried out “Fag Pack” appraisal of speculative sites and development appraisal of potential sites.


  • Receive request from site finders for “Fag Pack” appraisal.
  • Make sure site finder has completed the basic information in the database.
  • Review information provided and audit the unit mix (between unit type and commercial) and projected sales price by carrying out research and by comparing data with old projects.
  • Complete “Fag Pack” appraisal in 15 mins and provide site finders initial feedback.
  • Following the go ahead from the development team weekly review site negotiator collects additional site specific data and completes the relevant database fields.
  • Receive request from site negotiator for full development appraisal.
  • Make sure site negotiator has completed the full information in the database including the completion of the site checklist.
  • Convert “Fag Pack” appraisal to a full development appraisal
  • Review default cost information extracted by the system and carry out line by line audit by carrying out research and by comparing with similar projects.
  • Meet development manager and go through site specific information to amend costs and payment profile where necessary.
  • Complete full development appraisal and pass it over to the development manager