Health & safety

Company or Client – Team Homes and sister companies
Trading activity – Property developer, MMC and GreenTech


Carried out quarterly compliance review.


  • Prepared Excel based checklist listing all policy statements in the company H&S manual.
  • Ensured that the manual and the checklist is always up-to-date. Met CDM coordinator on a monthly basis to review updates and verified all updates with google RSS feed.
  • All checklist points had green, amber and red boxes on the right. designed the Excel file to link to H&S database to collect relevant info and populate data to change the traffic light colors.
  • Reviewed all the amber lights and ensure that they do not apply.
  • Reviewed the red lights and investigated why relevant data were not populated or why the breach took place and took appropriate measure to mitigate non compliance risk.
  • Source document and events audited for a sample of green lights.