Gift shop

Company or Client – Hywick Arts
Trading activity – Online gift shop


Launching anytime now.


  • In early 2011 I was approached by a gift enthusiast who was buying gift baskets from Far East, adding floral designs and selling them on as a gifts basket. It had a very good margin and grabbed my attention straight away.
  • have carried out market research to see the competition. I have quickly discovered that it is not the basket that was lucrative it was the gifts themselves which were sold 10 times their market price.
  • have decided to source some of the best and unique toys, toiletries, and other gift items in the market to wrap them up in the gift basket and sell them on not only to consumers but also to corporate clients.
  • Came out with the name and carried out all registration.
  • Prepared all marketing and branding material.
  • Researched and entered into supply chain agreement with some unique quality supplier of green gift products.
  • Agreed a 25% markup on all baskets and secured exclusivity.
  • Designed and eShop using Opencart.
  • The shop is ready for launch.