Fresh, healthy, fast food

Company or Client – Moumi (still working on the name and branding)
Trading activity – Restaurent


At the final stage of launch. At present seeking premises.


  • Always loved food and different cuisine. Used to eat out a lot and over the years prepared a selection of highly desirable dishes.
  • Came out with an idea to combine French style breakfast bar, freshly made sandwich and wraps, grills and best of world food all in one place. All to be of superb quality at an affordable price and scalable. The place will be alcohol free with beautiful home-made and authentic juices from all over the world.
  • Met a personal banker who ran a successful restaurant for over 12 years. straight away fallen in love with my idea.
  • Carried out market research and extraordinarily found POD which at first I thought copied my idea! However what clearly differentiate Moumi is its affordable factor and £2.50 a ball approach and few other key element of our business model.
  • Prepared all the selected dishes myself from the recipes collected over the years and carried out full cost analysis.
  • Collection of restaurant sales analysis of local restaurants very confidentially.
  • Prepared full business model in excel and GP% looked amazingly good.
  • Secured supply chain – fresh poultry and other suppliers.
  • Met a number of grill suppliers and commissioned a grill that will remove human intervention without compromising the quality.
  • Agreed with an interior designer and fitting supplier to provide initial branding free of charge in return for long term store contract.
  • Interviewed chefs and have 3 chefs ready to start. At present these chefs are finalising the recipe and carrying out R&D.
  • Line up a number of investors.
  • Developed online ordering  and booking system using SE Asian software developers.