Company or Client – Schola d’elite
Trading activity – Education and training


Private tuition centre was launched on 1 January 2012 in two separate centres. commercial training courses will follow in mid-2012. The long terms objective is to create a global education brand and move into main stream fee paying education.


  • Have been involved in running one to one and classroom training for many years.
  • There is a growing trend towards fee paying education and at present fees are unaffordable.
  • Developed a business model to concentrate on less regulated market at phase one and concentrate on quality and brand building. Phase two will take the services provided in phase 1 to the cloud and make the education free for qualifying audience and a paid service for the clients who can afford. Phase 3 will be to go into regulated market.
  • Formed the entity and carried out all registration including domain names.
  • Prepared all marketing and branding material and designs.
  • Carried out intensive market research and made sure that the price is competitive.
  • Closely worked with Ofsted to ensure that the voluntary registration will be successful when applied for and working parents will quality for the relevent tax incentive.
  • Visited venues and signed agreement to secure their availability.
  • Interviewed teachers and selected them.
  • Prepared and deployed full compliance and quality control manual on Google Apps.
  • Deployed Google apps and Moodle.
  • Deployed Joomla and prepared all website material.
  • Prepared all contract and legal documents.